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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

IoT Data Acquisition System(DAS) by Technical Spots

IoT 3 Data Acquisition System(iot tutorial, iot 2020, what is iot quora, solutions to internet of things) by Technical Spots

Acquisition means Collection, Data Acquisition means Data Collection.
  • Data Acquisition system is an information system that collects, measure, stores and distributes information from physical characteristics of something in the real world
  • It is used in industrial and commercial electronics and sensors to capture Analog signals on a computer devices.
  • Include different tools and technologies that are designed to accumulate data(DAS or DAQ).
IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

Data Acquisition System consists of:-

  • Sensor
  • Signal Conversion
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Processing
  • Multiplexing 
  • Data Handling
  • Associated Transmission, Storage and Display Devices.

  Block Diagram of DAS :- 

IoT 3 Data Acquisition System(iot tutorial, iot 2020, what is iot quora, solutions to internet of things)

Transducer / Sensor :- 
Used to convert the physical quantity coming from the field into electrical signals.
It converts physical quantities into electrical signals.

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

Signal Conditioning Unit :- 
Output signals of transducers are very weak signals which cannot be used for future processing.

To make the signals strong, various signal conditioners are used.

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

Multiplexer  :- 
Connects one of the multiple inputs to output. So, it acts as parallel to serial converter.

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

A/D Converter :-
Covert analog data into digital data.
Easy processing
Easy transmission
Digital Display and storage

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

Sampling will capture the incoming analogue signal and convert the samples to discrete binary codes.
Types of ADC circuit 
  1. Sigma-Delta ADC
  2. Integrating(Dual Slope) ADC
  3. Successive-Approximation ADC
  4. Voltage-to-Frequency ADC

Recoders and Display Devices :-
Data is displayed in suitable from in order to monitor the input signals.
ex. Numerical Displays, Oscilloscopes.

Data can be either temporary stored or recorded. 
ex. Microphone, Optical recorders.

IoT  Data Acquisition System(DAS)

Objectives of Data Acquisition System :-
  1. Must acquire the necessary data, at correct time.
  2. Use of all data efficiently to inform the operator about the state of the input.
  3. Must monitor the complete plant operation to maintain on-time optimum and safe operations.
  4. It must be reliable, easy to operate and must be user friendly.
  5. it must be able to commute unit performance indices using on-line, real tome data.
Applications / Uses of DAS :- 
  1. Analog DAS is used when wide frequency width is required or when lower accessories can be tolerated. 
  2. Digital DAS is used when physical quantity being maintained has  narrow bandwidth and also when high accuracy and low per channel cost is required.
  3. Digital are more complex than analog both in terms of instrumentation involved and the volume and complexity of data they can handle.
DAS Softwares :- 
  1. C++, Embedded C 
  2. Fortran
  3. Pascal
  4. Lab view
DAS Hardwares :- 
  1. CAMAC (Computer Automated Measurement and Control)
  2. Industrial Ethernet
  3. NIM
  4. Power Lab 


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