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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

what is IoT by Technical Spots

IoT(internet of things explained, what is iot in simple words, solutions to internet of things, what is iot definition by Technical Spots.

IoT! Web (The overall web, utilized here as an association - could be through a WiFi or Mobile Data) + THINGS (Any electronic gadget that has the ability to detect) = IoT.


IoT is short for Internet of Things. The Internet of Things insinuates the ever-creating arrangement of physical things that part an IP address for web accessibility, and the correspondence that occurs between these articles and other Internet-engaged contraptions and structures.

History of IoT

Kevin Ashton father of the IoT.
IoT, What is IoT
The term Internet of Things was imagined in 1999.


IoT, What is IoT
  • Sensors,Actuators,Devices etc...
  • Data Acquistion System
  • Pre-Processing, Edge Analytics 
  • Cloud Analysis 


Security and Surveillance 

Shrewd Camera
Shrewd Door Lock System 


Rails and Mass Transit
Traffic Lite 


Advanced Factory
Plant Safety and Security 

Human services 

Remote Medical Assistance
Client and Home
Shrewd Light
Shrewd Home
Shrewd sack

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